matzger-eddyEddy Matzger – TWINCAM PRO Speed

  • #1 name in inline speed skating since 1988
  • #1 inline coach to thousands since 1995
  • Over 100 race wins on TWINCAM bearings in the USA, Netherlands, Mexico, Columbia, Canada, Tahiti, Austria, Belgium, & Korea
  • 1st professional skater on 100mm whells in 2001
  • 1st skater on the Great Wall in 1995
  • 1st foreign coach in China since 1995
  • Former 10K Solo and Hour Solo World Record Holder
  • 4 time 10K US National Champion
  • 8 time winner Athens to Atlanta
  • 9 time 100K US National Champion
  • Survived Running of the Bulls on Inlines
  • Skated to the top of the Great Pyramid and Mt. Kilimanjaro on inline skates

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